SHOCKWAVE Remix Contest Winners Announced

The winners of Danny Darko “Shockwave” Remix Contest are:

1) Mind Blox
2) FuzzDead
3) Silky Filth
These three lucky guys gets cool Loopmaster prizes and a free electronic music course.

These remixes will be also released on our label:
5) Megazoid
6) Wobble T
7) Lauris K
8) Revanche

All these Remixers must contact us by 6th April and send us WAV Master of their track.
If anyone of the three winners don’t send master by that date, prize will go to the remixer immediately after them.

Non-winning remixes are free to post stream only versions on soundcloud/youtube, but they must give credits to the track and include links to and on the description.

We would like to thank all people who entered the contest, and specifically those 100 artists who submitted a remix.