About Us

Oryx is one of the oldest digital labels in the EDM scene. Established in 2005, we have a catalogue of nearly 800 tracks spanning almost every EDM music genre (house, progressive, electro, tech-house, techno and all popular and niche genres) Oryx tracks were supported from time to time by top djs alike Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, included in several high profile compilations (Ministry, Hed Kandi, Armada and more) and radio playlists across the world and reached many times the top positions of the biggest digital distribution portals. We made more than 60 appearances in Beatport, Djdownload, DJtunes, Trackitdown charts, including FIVE notable top 10 in Beatport Charts, and more than 30 top 100 genre charts on Beatport. Our labels are distributed on every digital store & streaming site on the planet, Beatport, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify & many more. Our Youtube channel has reached 400.000 views. We also have nearly 20 vinyl releases to date. ORYX BITS is our label dedicated to release compilations and remix bundles

Time Will Tell Remix Contest announcement dates, winner selected out of 470 submissions

Time Will Tell Remix Contest submission deadline is over. 470 Remixes were submitted setting a new record for our remix contests! Thanks to all who joined!

Selection will take place in 3 steps:

Round 1: Top 100 Finalists announced 5th May
Round 2 : Nominees announced 12th May
Round 3 : Winner and categories winners announced 21th May

Winner will be selected by a panel of judges that will value, in order:
1) Production quality (arrangement/composition skills)
2) Creativity
3) Sound quality (good mixing / mastering)
4) Popularity reached on the web by your remix (especially blogs, youtube channels featuring, but also soundcloud, youtube popularity)